Space fragmented. Okuparte 2010.

TYPE: Spatial installation.

PLACE: Seminary deserted building. Huesca, Spain.

DATE: May, 2010

AUTHOR: Raquel Cervera.

DESCRIPTION: Spatial installation  in a deserted building for the Art Festival: “OkupArte”

( ).

How can you make the limit  of  the air container that close a space.

the closed space is difused for dont allow the concetion of the space limit where we are. This is the installation intention. playing to create the boubt in the visitant. Play with the perception.

A room could be limited perfectly with the walls, edge, corners, but why dont we consider desfragment it!? we will play to the confusion, who can find the real limit?

we want to use the edge of the room that limit the space for create the multiplicity of corners and edges.

We remarc the limits if the room with black pine bar , then we multiplied this edge corners with the same black bars inside the room. Instaled some some lights for create shadows and multiplied the edges.



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