Interior restoration of the Pietat Church

TYPE: Competition

PLACE: Vic, Girona. Spain

DATE: 2008

AUTHOR: Raquel Cervera. Col: Sandra Yubero

DESCRIPTION: the project is a competiton that consist in the interior restoration of  The Pietat Church, Vic ( Girona. Spain ), for the adaptation to a multipurpose  space,  like a religius worship or a diferent uses for the Vic inhabitants.

The church is located in the town historic center. The church has been changing its perimeter along the history with many alterations, additions and demolitions till the state of the actual church.

the prollect is called: “PPERIMETER” :

The new PERIMETER ( lighter and subtler ), consist of  wood strips that conform an interior basement of the church to the elevation of  2,50 meters, this basement generate new imaginary axis takes form of a metalic guides at th elevation of  5,50 meters, which are provided of  courtains, panels for exhibitions, spotlights and reproductive syste. This guides  facilitate the adaptation to multiple progrmas.

This wooden perimeter  is diferent of the previous, include the sound, the light and the partions in a subtle way .




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