Dividing wall in Brasil Avenue

TYPE: University resarch project

PLACE: Brasil Avenue, Barcelona. Spain

DATE: 2006

AUTHOR: Raquel Cervera. col: Sandra Yubero

DESCRIPTION: the  project is a competition organized by the Barcelona council  for architecture students  that is a proposal for a dividing wall faced to the Brasil Avenue, in the Les Corts neighbourhood, Barcelona..

The proposal is a new facade that wants to become part of the avenue keeping the same design and material, so the idea is inspired by the tree branch filter, the lamppost radius of curvature made of corten steel, the palm tree leaf curvature all of them located along all the avenue.

The process to generate:

Began using se the corten steel for the covering of the facade-dividing wall, then lifting up some strips like peeling the skin of a banana;

those strips are lifted with the same curvature like the  lampposts that are present in the avenue. Those corten curves create interesting shadows during the day. During the night, the artificial lights appear under the strips that are lifting.

In the lower part of the facade the curved strips are converted in the benches and the litter bin in the pedestrian level.



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