Fast Forward

TYPE: Proposal project

PLACE: Reus, Tarragona. Spain

DATE: 2008

AUTHOR: Raquel Cervera.  Sandra Yubero

DESCRIPTION: the project born like a idea to propose a space where the video/audio technology  is a wide programme to enjoy a film, enter in a virtual game, listen music, dance with the music rhythm of the equalizer, buy the last technology in the market…

The developer wanted to located in a place where is important the visual and road network connection,  where is a industrial warehouse. Then we thought about the possibility to extrapolate this kind of project in other cities.

It was the origin of the project, it should be a building that occupies warehouses in different cities, all of them recognizable like de same identity, so the process design it will be the same for all of them.

The process is:


Three different shapes are created, because of the program is very different, so the users are very variety too, and with different timetables.

big space body: the music hall with digital walls that are synchronized depends of the session, the music style…

media-connection body: the main access body, it’s a part that works like a kneecap: articulating the people circulation between the big hall body and the projections body.

projections body: the body where the projection rooms are located, whit services added for the visitant, like the restaurant/bar and some hotel room capsules.


The three bodies are separated from the old Warehouse facade to create an additional circulation for the staff and the fire evacuation route. Between the side bodies and the central connection body are also a space like a crack that include the vertical connection of the visitants.


3d section.


Main access view and the bodies drilling the old warehouse facade.



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