Multimedia Art Center

TYPE: Architectural Final Proyect.

PLACE: Castelldefels, Barcelona.Spain

DATE: 2007

AUTHOR: Raquel Cervera

DESCRIPCION: The initial premise of the project is the connection with the Barcelona- Castelldefels motorway. The location selected inside this premise is the Technological Campus of Castelldefels, Barcelona, which is linked the connexion between the motorway and the innovation center.

The program, in fact will born because of the strategic location and the necessity to get new programs for the new connected and technological society, as physical as visual terms:  MULTIMEDIA-ART

Included: projections, research, education, leisure time… covering a different users: International, national, provinces, local  public because of the location and the different  program offered.

The project is composed of a longitudinal strip faced of the motorway where are located the toilets and the vertical communications of people and installations;

parallel to  this strip is the horizontal communications corridor from whom access to the “boxes” where are developed the different  programs.

Begining idea ( formal and funcional) :




Virtual model.


3d models.

Click here to see  galeria de imagenes de este proyecto.