General Info.

Raquel Cervera gets her diploma from the “Superior Technical Escola of Architecture” of Barcelona. Initially, she works as a student collaborating with different studies of architecture in Barcelona developing projects of detached, semidetached and terraced houses, industrial equipment, rehabilitation, urban and house design. After concluding her studies she takes as her first personal project the restoration of a terraced house.

During her latest university years she participates in several international Workshops on architectonic investigation, one with the University of Delft, Holland, about high buildings. The other one in the Escola Técnica Superior de Arquitectura of Barcelona (ETSAB) , in collaboration with Universities of Sidney, Porto Alegre, Zurich, Paris and Alicante, studying the regeneration of industrial estates for residential use, case of study: Zona Franca in Barcelona.

In her first year as architect, she combines her work with a Master Program in the Polytechnical University of Catalonia on “Parametric Design of elements”,about  the 3d design by computer .

Actually at the same time that her works, is involve in a interesting Postdree : “Exhibition space” developed in the CCCB ( with the Catalonia Politecnic University  ( UPC). About the design of how to expose an object, a text, an important painterbiography…etc. The designof the museografic space but also for all the space that she design.

It makes her conceive the space like a “scenography”: a kitchen, a exhibition, a play, a infopoint, a manifesto…

Since her student years she participates in different public competition which give the opportunity to work different project types such as graphic design, fleeting design, information points in commercial fairs, home decor and urbanism, and still now work on this kind of projects.

From all her applications she has obtained accésit by the design of the cap of a medianera, promoted by the City council of Barcelona; and a design prize in 2008 from the center Dog Deu, Barcelona, for the Christmas décor installation “NadalArt “, promoting aspects where Sustainability, Christmas and Low Cost come together. Also get a place to participate in the Art Festival “Okuparte” with an art installation for the occupation of a space in a deserted building.

She has strong interest on everything what concern design of objects; she has designed furniture in several projects of houses, furniture for common spaces in a hospital and the urban furniture for the surroundings of the “Escuela de Hostelería” in El Prat ( unbuilt project).

She conceives any project like a single idea and therefore, also each object that belongs to it.

Academic Info.

  • 2010_ Course “Parametric design of elements”, from the master’s degree “3D design” Foundation Universitat Politécnica de Cataluña ( UPC), Barcelona.
  • 2008_ Course “Parametric design of elements”, from the master’s degree “3D design” Foundation Universitat Politécnica de Cataluña ( UPC), Barcelona.
  • 2007_ University Final Project: Multimedia Arts Center in Castelldefells, Barcelona.
  • 2004_ Participate in the workshop “High Rise&Fragment” TU Delf (Holanda))+ETSAB (Terraventure-Wiel Arets) about the high rise buildings in Amsterdam and Barcelona.
  • 2003_ Participate in the workshop “Living Zona Franca” projecting  new programs for the industrial areas, the case of Barcelona.
  • 1999-2006_ Graduate in the Escola Tecnica Superior de Arquitectura of Barcelona (ETSAB).


    • Spanish_ Mother tonge
    • English_  Reading, Writing and Verbal skills: Good
    • Catalan_ Reading, Writing and Verbal skills: Excellent
    • French_  Reading, Writing and Verbal skills: Basic

    Computer Skills

    • Windows Office 2007 Package
    • Internet navigation_ Netscape, Mozilla
    • CAD software & Drawing programs_ Autocad (2D / 3D), ADT, Arquimedes, Photoshop, 3D Studio, SketchUp,Rhino, Adobe Acrobat, InDesign.

    Work experience

    +Summer 2001_Architectural studio Fernando Sanchez in Huesca (Spain). Single-family houses, detached/semidetached & terraced

    +2003_ Architectural studio Albisu–Pradell scp (Barcelona). Developing single-family houses, hotel technical installations, urban planing.

    +2004_ Urban and landscape design studio michelle & miquel. Competition for a square design in Treffort, France.

    +2006_ Architectural studio Artigues-Sanabria Arquitectes. Furniture design for the shared public spaces of the Dexeus Hospital, Barcelona.

    +2007_ Architectural studio AR47Arquitectes,Barcelona. Developing restoration projects, single-family hoses, urban planning around a school, a cultural complex of theatre, school, auditorium.

    +2007_ First personal architecture project: restoration and addition project for single family house in Huesca. Spain.

    +2008_ Architectural studio BAM Arquitectes, Barcelona. Developing housing projects and design for an open space of a private swimming pool.

    +2008/09_ Facade and roof restoration of a single family house.

    +2008/09_ Interior restoration of a house in a village, Huesca, Spain. New installations, materials and interior decoration.

    +2009_ Public park next to a stream in a village in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. Under construction. Project in colaboration with Cruz Louzao, landscape architect. Project under construction.

    +2009_ Interior restoration of an apartment in Barcelona. New installations, design lighting, new kitchen, new bathroom and bedroom extension. Project executed.

    +2009_ Coordination of an urban Project: “Urbanization and replacement of the urban services” of an Avenue in a town of Huesca, Sapin. Project executed.

    +2009_ Interior design of a physiotherapy center in Masnou, Barcelona. Proposals to resolve structural and damp problems. Virtual project. Pending to be accepted.

    +2009_ Refurbishing and design of façade and conditioning of the garden with pool of a single house in Olivella, Sitges. Barcelona. Current.

    +2009_ Interior design of a fashion design Showroom. KR store. Barcelona.

    Work experience- no Architectonic

    +Logo design for the engineering company, ICEMM

    +Logo design for a physiotherapy center, VITAL.

    +Space-art-architecture exhibition. Urban models in the center La Bascula, Barcelona _ “Differents ways to represent the street Flassaders”, in the old city of Barcelona.
    Urban instalation “Sea and miracles” whit the american artista, Liz Kueneke. Barcelona.

    +Art competition: “NadalArt”, art installation with the premises: christmas- Sustainibility-low cost for the courtyard of a civic center. Can Deu. Barcelona.  First price

    +Jewell desing. Using different materials silver- plastics y fabrics.

    +T-shirts design.

    + Art installation in the “okuparte” festival in Huesca. Spain. May 2009.

    + Participation with a installation project in the “Idensitat iD05” seminar&workshop.

    + Art installation in the “okuparte” festival in Huesca. Spain. May 2010.

    Competion and proposal projects

    +2004_ Design for a new mixted toilets in the Architectural University ( ETSAB)_ “in front of the wall”. Competition.

    +2005_ Covering for a dividing wall in an Avenue, Rambla Brasil, Barcelona. Announced by the city council. Competition: 1st Mention.

    +2005_ Chill out space for the art fair, ARCO. Madrid. Spain. Competition.

    +2008_ Logo design for the Madrid Architect Association. Competition.

    +2008_ Covering for a dividing wall in New York. Diesel Competition.

    +2008_ Adaptation of a interior church for a multipurpose space, Vic, Catalonia. Spain. Competiton.

    +2008_ Installation of a Info Point for the Architectural Congress. Torino.

    +2007_ Proposal project to transformations of a industrial Warehouse in a New Technologies Complex: music hall, multimedia spaces, video projections. Located in Tarragona, Spain.

    +2008_ Restoration and a new design of a square in a village, Huesca. Spain. Waiting for confirmation.

    +2008_ Design of a Info Point for the International Congress of Architecture of Torino. Located in one of a town squares. Competition.

    +2008_ Design of the gift shop in the hall of the Anton Art Center, Mount Clements. Michigan. Competition.

    +2008_ Proposal for a restoration and design of the paviment and furniture of a square in a village. confirmation In progress.

    +2008_ Urbanization of 5 crossroads in the infiernito neightbourhood, Ferrol. Spain. Competition.

    +2009_ Land Art competition of an ephemeral installation during the summer season in the Massif du Sancy landscape, in France.

    +2009_ Proposal for the competition: “Girona Temps de flors” spring festival. Flower art installation in Girona Old town. Spain.

    +2009_Proposal for the competition: “Diseño en madera de mueble, Manacor” for the design of a wood seating. The proposal is a wood bench for seating and lie down.

    +2009_ Proposal for the competition “Asrpima” : Reurbanitation of the Carmen square , Madrid. Spain.

    +2009_ Proposal for the Graphic design competition: “Poster design Caja Madrid”, poster for the “energetic saving”

    +2009_ Proposal for a competition: “Art installation for the interior space in a chapel” for the Misericordia Cultural Centre, Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

    +2009_ Proposal for festival : “Architetures Vives Montpellier”. Collaboration with Sandra Yubero. Winters are pending of resolution.

    +2009_ Land Art competition of an ephemeral installation during the summer season in the Massif du Sancy landscape, in France. Collaboration with Sandra Yubero. Winters are pending of resolution.